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Games and Sports

The school is fully equipped to train students in almost all disciplines of sports and games i.e. Badminton, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Football etc. Every students is expected to gain proficiency in at least one game of his/her choice.

Yoga, Judo & Karate

Going along with indian tradition of fitness time - tested techniques of meditation, relaxation, Yoga are offered to nurture a robust health and stress free mind.

Assembly and Cultural Activities


The day starts with a systematic approach. The students are provided with value based education in a conductive environment, motivating them individually, imbibing a sense of pride in the Indian cultural heritage and to realize their responsibilities. Drawing, Painting, Craft, Music, Dance & Drama :- The school articulates the personality of the student by exposing their hidden talents in various fields such as Art, Craft, Music & Dance etc.

Animal Riding, Puppet Show & Festival Celebrations

The school facilitates to develop horse riding skills under the guidance of trained staff. The students are exposed to the folk culture through puppet shows and competitions and celebrations. To exphasis on Indian cultural heritage, We stress celebrating the festivals enthusiastically.


House System

To help students imbibe the spirit of healthy competition. The school is divided into four houses. A number of inter-house competitions provide students an opportunity to discover their talents.


Language Classes

Language classes is so planned as to teach proper intonation and pronunciation to students in both the languages

Community Services

Community service by the students like taking care of senior citizens, working and participating in environmental awareness programs is a part of the educational system in the school.


Learning Through Experiments

Scientific approach is enhanced through practical as well as theoretical knowledge, experiments in well equipped labs and educational visits ensures they are learning new things.


Saturday Fun & Activity

Every Saturday except second is a fun day for the children. second Saturday is a holiday. saturdays are the special days as we celebrate them as nature’s or flower or the day according to the season and festivals. The tiny tots are provided with some nutritious and wholesome breakfast. Every second Saturday of the month is going to be a holiday. The school will follow holiday declared by Rajasthan Government.

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